About Us

Serving Espanola, the North Shore and Manitoulin Island!

Offering fully insured, professional tree care and removal services in the Espanola and North Shore area. Specializing in difficult tree removals, particularly in remote- or water-access properties.

We also design, supply and install green energy (solar) systems that suit your needs now and into the future.

Both of these services grew directly from our everyday lives and our personal passions. We have lived at a remote-access, off grid property for 8 years. The 40 acres of land was completely undeveloped when we purchased it, we developed the skills to clear the necessary acreage and expanded our skills when others in the community started requesting we help them with increasingly challenging trees.

Our property and our business is completely solar-powered with a system we designed and installed ourselves. We understand the need for a solar system that truly works, reliably powering all of your needs. We run a full office, woodshop and enough fridges and freezers to store the fall’s harvest.

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E: dave@lureofthenorth.com

What Else Do We Do?

Lure of the North: In the winter months you can find us guiding world-class wilderness adventures, drawing visitors from around the globe!

Ps. Yes, that woman is my wife, that gal from the Alone TV show that proudly represented northern Ontario, surviving 80 days in grueling conditions with next to nothing! 🙂

White Pine removal
Hazardous White Pine removal at popular resort property.